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Since joining the Linden Foods Group in 2000, over seven million euro has been invested in our processing facilities at Navan and Camolin, with an emphasis on the further enhancement of our value-added capabilities. This has been especially important in supporting our ability to focus on higher value primal cuts and boneless products tailored specifically for the retail and foodservice sectors.

We have been able to expand our product range to include a comprehensive selection of ‘retail pack’ products such as ‘BBQ’ and ‘Ready to Cook’, which have proven to be a commercial success in the retail sector. We also offer a range of ready-to-cook roasts and larger primal cuts suitable for families, as well as products such as mini-racks and stir-fries suitable for the increasing number of smaller households.

We understand that successful new product development and packaging expertise is vital to our customer’s success and our continuing competitive advantage. To this end we have a dedicated New Product Development Programme, staffed by highly skilled, technically competent people, which allows us to set up focus groups, identify trends and pinpoint which new products will most accurately meet consumer preferences.

Yet at Irish Country Meats, our ability to be innovative isn’t limited to new product development. Irish Country Meats pioneered the introduction of a Lamb Quality Assurance Scheme in Ireland in 1994. This scheme, which remains the only lamb livestock assurance scheme in the country, guarantees the effective monitoring and control of lamb throughout the production cycle.  We were also the first meat processor in Ireland to develop a peel-off product labelling system to simplify H.A.C.C.P. recording.



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