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Livestock Traceability

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Ireland has the most comprehensive lamb traceability system in Europe, regulated by the National Sheep Identification System (N.S.I.S.), while being monitored and controlled by the Department of Agriculture and Food.

This system ensures that all sheep presented for slaughter are tagged with documented movement certification and flock register records, maintained by both the processor and farmer.

At Irish Country Meats we have gone even further to ensure comprehensive traceability, by developing a specialised computer-based programme to allow the information from the N.S.I.S. to be transferred down the entire production chain to each individual cut. This means that every packaged cut of meat can be traced back to a specific batch number.

We were also the first meat processor in Ireland to develop a peel-off labelling system that simplifies H.A.C.C.P. recording, making it easier for the trade to maintain accurate records relating to food origin. Each label contains a peel off section which duplicates details relating to the product, batch number, pack date, use-by date and net weight. This section can be inserted into the appropriate record sheet, avoiding the need for manual recording of information as well as possible manual errors.





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