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Slaney Valley Range

Slaney ValleyRecognising the opportunity to deliver an exceptional dining experience to the Irish foodservice industry through a superior lamb offering, Irish Country Meats and Pallas Foods joined forces to launch the Slaney Valley range of premium lamb. This range fulfils the requirements of a dynamic and progressive sector where reputation, customer loyalty and menu differentiation are paramount.

This partnership, between Irish Country Meats, Ireland’s only specialist lamb processor and Pallas Food’s “Next Day Gourmet” delivery service, offers unrivalled lamb quality and freshness, combined with countrywide distribution - a fully reliable integrated service offer.

We are pleased to announce that a selection of organic products has been added to the Slaney Valley range for 2007, including Diced Lamb, Leg (boned and rolled) and Rack (cap on, French Dressed).Slaney valley



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