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Glossary of Terms

Crown Roast

Lamb: Ovine (sheep) meat derived from an animal under one year of age, known for its delicate flavour and tender texture. Spring lamb (also know as New Season Lamb) indicates lambs born in the early Spring months.

Hogget: Ovine meat derived from an animal born in the previous calendar year.

Mutton: Ovine meat derived from a mature animal which has produced offspring.

Organic Lamb: Organic farming is a system which avoids the use of soluble fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and feed additives.  Irish Country Meats has relationships with all three Irish Organic societies and is affiliated with the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (I.O.F.G.A).

Primal: Refers to the main cuts into which the lamb carcase is divided, including leg, loin and forequarter.

Offal: Also known as “Variety Meat” or “Fifth Quarter”, it includes the other edible parts of lamb such as liver, kidney, heart and sweetbread.

Visual Lean (V.L.): The percentage of lean meat to fat that can be seen on a cut.

Vacuum Packed: A packaging method that involves the complete removal of air prior to hermetically sealing the package. This packaging method has many advantages as the meat continues to mature in the bag while still preserving the shelf life of the product.

Eye Muscle: This refers to the lean cutting face of a muscle.

French Dressed Rack of Lamb: A rack of lamb where the upper ends of the rib bones are trimmed. "Cap Off" refers to an 8 rib rack where the fat layer on the eye muscle has been removed. "Cap On" refers to an 8 rib rack where the fat layer on the eye muscle has been left intact.

Guard of Honour: Two racks of lamb that have been French Dressed, with the rib ends interlocked to resemble soldiers' swords.

Crown Roast:  When two or three French Dressed racks of lamb are combined end to end and then curved and secured in place to resemble a crown. After being capped with decorative covers known as frills (chefs hats), this creates one of the most distinctive presentations of cooked lamb.


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