Irish Country Meats Gain Ibec KeepWell Accreditation

To bring independent validation to our workplace wellbeing initiatives, ICM are proud to announce that we have been audited to & have gained the Ibec KeepWell accreditation.

The KeepWell Mark is a framework which provides businesses with a set of health and wellbeing standards that are achieved through promotion of wellbeing in the workplace. This evidence based accreditation recognises and celebrates organisations that put wellbeing of employees at the forefront of company policy.

The accreditation takes a holistic approach, focusing on eight key areas and how they impact our business. These eight areas are:

  • Leadership
  • Absence Management
  • Smoke Free
  • Physical Activity
  • Health & Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Healthy Eating
  • Intoxicants

For more information on Ibec KeepWell Mark visit: